What is CBC Agronegócios?

It is a B2B marketplace that has revolutionized Brazilian and global agricultural trading. The CBC Platform makes an environment available, in Portuguese, English and Spanish, where sellers and buyers can meet to trade. We are the only company in Brazil and in the world that has this mechanism, as nearly all other marketplaces are classified. Here, you can effectively buy and sell.

How does it work?

Whether on the CBC Agronegócios site or through its app, you can offer your agricultural product with just a few clicks. No complications.
And if you want to buy, the process is just as simple. Just type in the name of the product you are looking for and all available suppliers, both in Brazil and around the world, quickly appear on your screen. Interactions follow until the moment a firm offer or proposal is made. Then, all you need do is book the trade!


Click on the “Register” button at the top of the page
to access the offers being traded on the Platform


Enter the product you are trading, and
whether you are buying or selling


Negotiate directly with the other party,
quickly, easily and with no commission

Understand why CBC Agronegócios represents a new way to trade in the agribusiness sector

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On the CBC Platform, your trades are confidential and safe due to the technology provided by CMA, CBC’s partner.
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The CBC Platform provides a global view of the market, and allows you to interact with various buyers or sellers simultaneously.
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Trades are finalized, and both parties receive notification, with greater transparency and control for the companies.
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With CBC Agronegócios, you cut costs and increase your productivity and liquidity.
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Access CBC from your computer, or from your cell phone through the app available for Android and iOS.

More Trades Anywhere

Trade any time, any place
Markets quickly displayed
The Agribusiness world in your hands

Who Uses CBC Agronegócios?

CBC Agronegócios is designed to bring together all the professionals and companies who trade in the agribusiness sector (whether buying or selling), without distinction. The Platform was developed for a variety of profiles:

Rural Producers, Companies, Grain Traders, Cooperatives, Brokers, Chemical Industries, among others.

Testimony by customers who trade on the CBC Agronegócios Platform

“In business, technology is essential and offers advantages such as agility, savings and range”, said Lavor. “In addition, the sector as a whole benefits because it is easy to trade with companies in vastly different time zones, for amounts up to 99.9% lower than the commission charged by the traditional brokers and, mostly, because it is a simple and accessible channel for family farmers to move their production and become integrated into the market.”

Francisco Lavor
President and Founder of CBC Agronegócios
Founder of União Corretora

“Today’s world is connected in a much more efficient manner. Through CBC, a digital platform, trades are made much more quickly, efficiently and at a much lower cost.”

Sergio Barroso
CBC Partner
Former President of Cargill Agrícola S.A.