Managing Your Registration

You can edit or customize your registration with the CBC Platform.  To do this, access the Platform with your login,

  1. Click on the Profile icon, in the top, right-hand corner.
  2. Click on “My Profile”.

In the tab “Edit Profile”, you can edit and/or complement your personal information, such as your name, Brazilian individual income tax number (CPF), telephones.  This information is not visible to the public.

In the tab “Additional Information”, you can edit the name of your company and address.

In the tab “Alerts”, you can choose what information you want to receive via email – all or none!

In the tab “Products of Interest”, you can see, input or exclude a product of interest.  And you can also opt for the screen to show only the selected products.

In the tab “Change Password”, you can change your password.

In the tab “Upload Logo”, you can include the logo of your company that will appear on the main screen.  Please note the specifications required.