Acting Under Confidentially

On the CBC Platform, you can act in two ways:

  1. Openly: Your Company’s name will be visible to the markets.
  2. Confidentially: Your Company’s name will remain hidden from the markets and will be shown only at the end of the negotiations, and therefore needs the approval of the counterparty. This option can be selected in the visibility field when you create your demand.

You can input a confidential indication or offer on the CBC Platform and exchange proposals until the trade is booked; in this case, confirmation of the trade will be “subject to approval”.

To trade in confidential mode:

  1. Click on “I want to buy” or “I want to sell” in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select the type of market (Brazil Markets/ Free Alongside Port/ International Markets).
  3. Type of operation: Confirm if you are selling or buying.
  4. Type of demand: Buyer’s/Seller’s Indication or Firm Bid (Buy) / Firm Offer (Sell)
  5. Fill in the product field.
  6. In the visibility field, click on “Confidential”.
  7. Fill in the other fields you think are necessary.
  8. Click on “Send”.
  9. Your trade is already available on Bid&Ask in confidential mode.
  10. When you receive a counterindication/counteroffer, you can opt to remain confidential until the end or you can show your name at any time during the negotiations.
  11. When you receive a firm offer or a firm bid, you can book the trade.
  12. When you do this, the negotiations enter into “Subject to Approval” mode. You then stipulate a deadline for confirming the trade, and this returns to the counteroffer party.
  13. The Company’s name will be shown to the counteroffer party for approval or withdrawal of the trade.
  14. If approved, the trade will be booked. Otherwise, it will be labelled “Withdrawn”.